Thursday, April 26, 2012

Street Shrimp

Maggie had this idea to shoot shrimp in this bright red basket. I struggled at first until I pictured the Lucha Libre poster in my head and thought how cool it would be to take my inspiration form all the street food I ate in Northern Baja after surfing. I think I captured that vibe pretty well.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fourth of July BBQ Fish

I had this idea based on a barbequed fish that Maggie made the first time I met her. Here's the original sketch I showed her. Pretty amazing drawing abilities. Maybe I should be an illustrator! Then again.....

And here are the background tests.  I liked the dark bluish background as well and I may try to use it in a later shot, but the flag really gives it a theme, July Fourth barbeque time!  


 And here's that shot. The potato salad is exactly as she laid it down. I didn't have her change a thing. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alameda Flea Market Day

Alameda Flea Market Day

7:00 am. I love this place. Great for finding backdrops and props. I bought one of the yellow soda crates, the waffle iron and an old wooden box. The yellow soda crate ended up in this afternoons shot.

My trusty assistant hard at work. I only hire the best on my personal projects!

This is a Dutch Baby and we ate it with lemon, powdered sugar and home made Blackberry sauce, Delicious. Mountains of butter in it and super tasty.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ramen noodles.                

Looking for the perfect bowl for a shot of Ramen. All these bowls are from Carol Hacker's food prop house. She's a great stylist and has an extensive inventory of food props. Carol Hacker, Stylist
And while I'm on the subject almost all the styling of my still life, kids and lifestyle work has been my amazing stylist friend Shannon Thompson. You'll see lots of her work on my main website Woodward Photography.

The prop rentals definitely are going to cost more than the ingredients on this one. Cost per bowl for the food is about $2.00. Great, healthy and cheap meal.

Maggie working her magic and my personal assistant 
hanging out in the window keeping an eye on things.

The final pic.