Friday, April 19, 2013

Tomato Basil Eggs

I have been wanting to shoot a baked egg dish for a while now. It's basically a really flavorful tomato, coarsely chopped and sauteed with dried herbs, garlic and Meyer lemon juice. Then I add a lot of chopped basil, create a place for the eggs in the middle and bake at 350 until the egg whites are cooked.

At first I thought one of these pans I found at the Flea Market would work but once I tested them I decided a more rustic neutral gray set would work better so prop hunting time again.

I am now at a very interesting shop in the city. I love the old French Crepe pan so I buy it and start on my background tests

Here is a test dish I did first. In the final I mixed the basil into the tomatoes before adding the egg, rather than spreading it on top.

and now the final image.

As part of propping this shot I picked up these cool camp fire looking utensils at our local Alameda antique store and loved them so.....