Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mason Jars

I've been intrigued by these mason jars they have at the Flea Market for a while now.  I purchased a few and then rented a few from Carol Hacker. I also like these old fruit crates. I think the texture is beautiful, if used right, so I bought two and then hammered them apart to get just the wood boards to make a set with.

Now I'm playing with the jars. I know I'll never be able to use them this way once there's food in them but they just look too cool backlit to resist. I may have to do a still life shot of them at another time.

With food in the jars I'm now playing with backgrounds. I decided to use the wood from the crates for the foreground and the background. A little shallow depth of field and that wood feels right to me for this series.

Once again my trusty assistant keeping an eye on things,

And now some final images from the series.