Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Africa and Beyond

I just got back from a busy trip to Southern California. Scouting and pre production for one client and shooting for some friends of mine who have a high end African Artifacts store on Prospect in La Jolla. The container from their latest buying trip finally arrived, after a few hick ups with Customs, and they wanted me to shoot several hundred of the pieces.

 I am usually just shooting clean product shots of their artifacts against black like the images above but this time we also shot their home. I really liked those pics so I put them up on my site. All the props are from their store, Africa and Beyond. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shannon's Apartment

I have been trying to convince my Stylist friend Shannon Thompson that her apartment is amazing and that we should shoot it. You're always your own worst critic so she was skeptical but once we got started watch out. She just kept coming up with more and more ideas of areas to shoot and ways to shoot them. Now I just need to get these out to some magazines and see if we can't get them published!